Team Regal

About Regal

Many successful businesses have a story of humble beginnings.

Regal Art & Gift was founded in 1992 by a husband and wife team. She utilized her artistic talents and he utilized his sales and marketing background. Together they launched a small wholesale business out of their home specializing in home and gift décor.

25 years later, Regal Art & Gift has become an industry leader with a catalog boasting over 800 products with hundreds being added each year! We attribute our success to our Regal employees who are dedicated and committed to producing exclusive product designs, growing our business strategy, and building strong relationships with our customers, sales representatives and suppliers.

Team Regal

Thank you for making Regal Art & Gift a part of your life. We will continue to strive for excellence and our commitment to you is to provide new and exciting products as well as great customer service.

Giving Back

Regal Art & Gift holds a belief that with the blessing of attaining prosperity comes a responsibility to ‘give back’ a portion of one’s income, time and energy to those less fortunate.  When this is done regularly, it creates a dynamic exchange of energy and good will in one’s life and business, further cycling prosperity for the donor and recipient that is unending.

Since starting the business in 1992, Regal has ‘tithed’ regularly every month, which means giving at least 1/10th of its income to charitable causes.  When our customers purchase Regal products, they have the satisfaction of knowing that they are also contributing to a greater level of prosperity and happiness in the world.

Below are a few among the many projects Regal Art & Gift supports: 

  • Building homes for impoverished families in Mexican border towns.
  • Providing education for underprivileged children and free medical care for the poor in in 3rd world countries.
  • Funding disaster relief efforts, including providing free hot meals in the Philippines after major hurricanes.